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Mid-Del Schools - Carl Albert Middle School Home Economics Department

Submitted by: Michael McCoy

This project was a complete renovation of an existing classroom into an up-to-date home economics department. The room was transformed by Armstrong's LVT Flooring, Natural Creation TP047 Rite Wood Coal, TP041 Nouveau Maple Light Natural and TP038 Roan-Oak Driftwood Gray. The contrast of natural maple and weathered gray brightens and softens the space and the coal defines it. The wide horizontal stripes run the width of the room then outlined and punctuated at each end with short lines. The overall design draws the eye downward before taking in the rest of the room. The effect is elegant, grown-up, and beautiful.

Which category is this entry for?

Flooring Reality

What was your inspiration for this entry?

Use of space, to step outside tradition and create a home economics room that would endure time in style and performance. Inspiration also comes through availability in product selection, color, pattern, and pricing. It all promotes creativity.

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