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Harrah’s Cherokee Casino & Hotel – High Limit Slots Feature

Submitted by: Bridget Blank

The central feature creates a unique experience for high limit players and is the heart of this gaming area. The design challenge was to create an abstracted tree in the center of a gaming space, going from vertical to flaring out horizontal, like the tree trunk to the branches. There needed to be enough space to allow for lighting, security and ventilation.

Which category is this entry for?

Ceiling/Wall Reality

What was your inspiration for this entry?

Take a departure from the path well traveled. Explore something new, enjoy the discovery of taking a journey and at the center of your newfound haven is a jewel-toned tree. Walk and play beneath a tree that bears glittering fruit. Marvel in the visible multi-colored root structure below and the towering tree that mimics the roots color gradation above. This protected oasis creates a whole new environment for those who desire to take their gaming to the next level.

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