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Labratory Floor Design

Submitted by: Amanda McAlpine

This design is of a renovation of a research laboratory that's attached to a hospital. There are five separate floors each with similar space planning designs. Renovations include new laboratories with wet benches, equipment rooms, cold room, autoclave sterilization rooms, etc as required by research investigators. Work to include the complete demolition of the space except the existing elevator and stair tower. In addition to laboratory space, portions of the the floors will include office/administrative space, a conference room, rest rooms and locker storage to support laboratory personnel. The goal of the project is to create a safe, efficient and pleasant work environment for the investigators and their staff.

Since this renovation is of a laboratory the utmost clean-ability and durability are required. Armstrong’s Medley Sheet Flooring was chosen because of its hiding power from subfloor imperfections. This is extremely important since this project is a renovation. Also, each floor of the building will have the same background colored sheet flooring and the two accent stripe colors will change from floor to floor to color code and easy way finding. Since Medley has 32 colors to choose from, this can be accomplished.

The finish floor plan is accompanied by a rendering to show how the flooring will work and blend well with the other design aspects of the project such as the lockers, and the bench alcove. We decided on a simple floor finish pattern to accentuate the space as a whole.

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Flooring Idea

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Easy Wayfinding, simple, elegant, timeless pattern

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